Save Yamuna

We firmly believe that Vraja Vrindavan/ Krishna beyond damage. It is merely (by making itself vulnerable) providing a window of opportunity to fallen souls to save it, hence serve it.

Our ispiration, Shri Ramesh Baba ji Maharaaj of Barsana firmly believes that service to the Dham is Devotional Service to Krishna. His vision encompasses all aspects of Vraja Vrindavan.

A vision of Vraja Vrindavan

    • Where beautiful step wells (kunds) brimming with sparkling clear water provide a pristine backdrop for Radha & Krishna’s past times.
    • Where dense forests(vans) with exquisite foliage invite Radha Krishna to their nikunj.
    • Where River Yamuna flows effortlessly with ample and clean water. Its waters moving through green banks offering themselves to Radha & Krishna.
    • Where the hills and hillocks there turn into vast pasture fields to serve happy & healthy cows.
    • Where its timeless traditional culture of Krishna consciousness is preserved for all times to come.

We have been working to protect, preserve and rejuvenate Vraja Vrindavan to benefit from this great opportunity sent by Krishna to serve him.

We have had tremendous success. Some of them are:

    • Freeing 5300 hectares of Wilderness Hills from Mining and getting them declared as Protected Forests.
    • Repairing and restoring 30 large water Bodies(Kunds) in areas with scant water.
    • Planting of thousands of plants in deforested area and help rejuvenate ancient forests.
    • Nursing & serving over 20000 neglected & sick cows.
    • Holding of Inspirational / Educational Camps and marches ( vraja yatra) to save the environment of Vraja Vrindavan.
    • Creating and sustaining the big “Bring Back River Yamuna to Vrindavan” campaign.

The saveYamuna website is a part of the “Bring back River Yamuna to Vrindavan” which is part of the wider Save Vraja Vrindavan project.

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