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Our intention is to share remembrance of the wonderful play of divinity in the world and in our very lives as celebrated in the ancient traditions of Braj and Bhagavat Purana, wherein the Divine Person became, played in and with Their own creation.

What happens in Vrindavan at night? The forests and kunjas of this place, are compared to our own hearts. This makes sense, and is a good meditation to consider God residing in the hearts of His own creation.

The soul, or jeev, is always searching. It is described in Bhagavad Gita that the jeev has been on such a journey for a very long time. This is described as ‘chaurasi lac yoni’. That the soul is wandering through 84,000 different types of births and forms of life. To end up searching for this place, to become a ‘Braj upasak’, one who meditates upon this place and the activities here, has perfected their birth.

The gopis of Braj Dham are considered to be the top yogis in their perfection of always meditating and serving God with their full being. This perfection is known as ‘sarvatma bhav’, to see Divinity everywhere.

Vrindavan Dairy Maids - Gopis, the topmost yogis
Gopis of Vraj

Goloka & Braj Bhumi

This unique form of God plays in the Divine abode known as Goloka Vrindavan. This abode is manifest here on earth and is  known as Braj Bhumi.

Sri Yamuna

The whole Braj (Vraj) Mandal is said the spiritual realm is in the form of a lotus. The Yamuna river flows through this lotus.

There are many lilas (plays) which took place at this most holy river. Everything is this place is considered to conscious. For example, Yamuna is a river. Being near this river, in Vraj, is a holy place of worship. This river also has a personified form of Yamuna Devi and she is worshiped as one of the main grace-filled goddesses of Vraj.

A tradition is to take part in the walking around of places considered sacred or holy. This is called ‘parikrama’ There is a Vraj Mandal Parikrama which takes up ‘chaurasi kos’ parikrama, or 84 kos.  A kos, is a unit of measure equal to about 1.8 km or 1.21 mi.

This Vraj Mandal is made up of of of 12 main forests or ‘vana / bans’, one of them known as the Vrindavan forest and has it’s own parikrama, walking path around it as well, which is about 10 km or 6 mi in distance

A  part of the total Vraj Mandal, and in the forest of Vrinda itself, there are over 5500 temples.

The traditions and practices ranging from music, art, cuisine, nature, the sacred utterances of saints, and holy scriptures inspire us to remember grace surrounds us in every moment.

This place, Braj is known as ‘Dham’. Dham is not considered a holy place or a place of pilgrimage, but is considered to be THE place.

Vrindavan Dham ki Jai!

The current svabhav or nature of the current age of kali we live in, is that the glories of this place has become mostly hidden from our eyes. In some forms this is manifesting as the super highways covering the once soft sandy holy parikram around the holy town

The kalpa-vriksa desire trees which have witnessed divinities play, gave flowers in the bowers and kunjas, sheltered peacocks, parrots, and sages. have been removed.

The Divine Yamuna River, the Grace Goddess who protects Braj, gives Divine entrance into God’s play to all types of souls, here, in this world, she is declared a dead river.

There are over 5000  temples in Vrindavan making this place very unique and alive.

When we fall in love with someone, we care about them, their home, story, and remembrance.

If you have somehow or other come into, practiced, took birth in, or become interested in Vraj Krishna Bhakti traditions in any way, you know it to be the greatest treasure. To continually remember and celebrate the names (nama), forms (rupa), qualites (gunas), and plays (lilas) of the Beloved is the ultimate celebration.

Remembering and glorifying can happen anywhere we are in the world. There is a Braja saying ‘sab bhumi Gopal ki’ “The whole world is Gopal’s’. And to always remember is the ultimate gift known as bhajananand.

Braj also means activity. Should inspiration arise in your heart to serve the land of Braj, known as Braj Bhumi there are many projects and devotional activities you can do to dedicate your talents, time and inspiration.

A list of projects which are involved in protecting the culture and serve the history, culture, present and future of this place from where inspiration has touched many. Please do connect with these projects if you are inspired to participate. Come back and share your experience and Be Inspired.

This site shares the inspiring beautiful culture of Braj to participate in remembering Divinity as expressed in the world, in the present, in all of our lives.

Giriraj Dharan ki Jai!

If you choose to visit or come for pilgrimage, there are many hotels. You may receive prasad while on your temple visits, additionally you can look at restaurants in Vrindavan as well.

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