Top 5 Vrindavan Hotels & Places To Stay When Visiting Vrindavan, India 2022

MVT Vrindavan Guesthouse, a top Vrindavan Hotel

Visiting Vrindavan

When visiting Vrindavan, India many people wonder where the best Vrindavan hotels to stay in are along their visit. The answer is simple: there isn’t one. Vrindavan and the surrounding area, including Mathura and other holy towns all serve as great vacation destinations for visitors from all over.

With that said, it’s worth checking a few options to find the perfect place for you. Here are our suggestions on where you should stay once you arrive in Vrindavan.

Plan Your Trip to Vrindavan and Stay at a Temple Ashram

When planning your trip to Vrindavan, it’s best to include a few days at a temple ashram. Temple ashrams are homes that are run by Hindu monks. Often they’re set up in a way that the monks are the only people allowed inside.

You’ll usually be able to stay at an ashram for a few days and receive a tour of the yoga and meditation studios, as well as the main prayer hall. Many people also like to stay at a temple ashram during the summer months.

During this time the ashrams are often set up in a way that allows for welcome shade. Although many ashrams welcome visitors all year round, the winter months can lead to rain which can mean muddy walks to the ashram from the bus stop. Temple ashrams are great places to stay while traveling to Vrindavan because they’re a bit more off the beaten path than other options.

Stay In A Luxury Hotel Or Resort

There are many great options for staying when traveling to Vrindavan. One of the most popular options is to stay at one of the luxury Vrindavan hotels or resort.

You can also stay in a home if you’re visiting a friend or family member. You can also look into staying in a bed & breakfast as this type of stay can be a great value for the price. One of the most common types of home you’ll find during your visit is a guesthouse.

If you’re visiting during the winter months, it’s common for guesthouses to offer free hot water to guests. Spring and fall can also be great times to visit Vrindavan, as these are the months that are the least expensive to stay in a hotel.

Other Options Include Hostels, Apartments, And Backpackers

If you would prefer to stay in a hostel or a cheap guesthouse, rather than one of the Vrindavan hotels, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing! It’s easy to find great hostels while you’re in Vrindavan.

Apartments are a popular option for visitors who don’t want to stay in a hotel or pay a high price for a bed & breakfast. It’s also possible to find Airbnb listings that include Vrindavan as one of their destinations. Backpackers are another great option. They often offer cheaper rates than the hostels, but are often located in close proximity to the train station. This can make it easy to get to your destination quickly.

Some Great Vrindavan Hotels to Consider for Your Vrindavan, India Vist

MVT Guesthouse

Conveniently situated in the Raman Reiti part of Vrindavan, this property puts you close to attractions and interesting dining options.

Called a guesthouse, rather than a Vrindvan hotel, the MVT Guesthouse sits just behind the ISKCON Vrindavan Krishna-Balaram Temple. There is also the MVT Restaurant on the top floor of the guesthouse which offers both Indian food as well as wood fire pizza.

In the list of Vrindavan hotels, MVT Guesthouse is a worthy consideration for your stay.

Vrinda Palace Seva Dham

Rated #12 of 158 Vrindavan hotels, Vrinda Palace Seva Dham offers AC rooms, free WiFi, 24-hour security and front desk service. Vrinda Palace Seva Dham sits between ISKCON Vrindavan Temple and Banke Bihari Temple

Best Western Vrindavan

Best Western Vrindavan is at Aashram Vihar on the Chhatikara Road just before entering Vrindavan on the Bhaktivedanta Swami Marg Road.

Best Western Vrindavan offers AC, parking is included, and free WiFi.

Shri Radha Brij Vasundhara Resort & Spa

Shri Radha Brig Vasundhara Resort & Spa is on the Govardhan Hill Parikrama Marg at Aanyor. Govardhan, also known as Giriraj, is about a 30 minute drive from Vrindavan city.

Govardhan Hill is famous for being the hill which Krishna lifted on His left pinky finger. Pilgrims from all over the world walk around this ‘king of mountains’ as a spiritual practice.

Madhav Muskan Residency

Madhav Muskan Residency is in Mathura on Krishna Puri Road. Mathura is about a 20 minute drive from Vrindavan. Mathura is the site of Krishna Janmasthan, the place where Lord Krishna appeared.

Madhav Muskan Residency is a Wyndham brand hotel.

Final Words

If you’re planning India travel and visiting Vrindavan, India you’ll find that there are many great places to stay. It’s worth spending a few days at a temple ashram or staying in a luxury hotel or resort. Our list of Vrindavan hotels is just a few of what choices are available.

There are also many other options for staying during your visit to Vrindavan. You can find a cheap guesthouse, stay at an apartment, or visit during spring or fall when the prices are the lowest.

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