The Mystery of Nidhivan

Nidhivan, a temple nestled in the sacred birthplace of Krishna, Shri Vrindavan Dham, carries a sense of mystery or magic attached to it. Nidhivan has a rumor that Lord Krishna visits every night. Additionally, it is also said that he performs Ras Lila here every night. Nidhivan Ras Lila
It is considered the holiest place in the land where Divinity, God has Their abode. Such consideration leaves us questioning.  There is a root of this mystery that remains unknown to all. After evening food offerings at Nidhivan are made, no priests or worshipers are allowed inside the premises.
There are also no animals or birds after 7pm as they are believed to have also fled the area. Also, Nidhivan also has a unique environment. On either side were irregular hollow trees, short and tall, with branches twisted down and entwined. Tulsi trees also stand in pairs. What confirms the mystery? Here are some reasons…
A special corner called Rang Mahal is decorated every night. On this area spread a bed of sandalwood and a pot of water. Adding to the mystery is that the bed is said to have been used in the morning as well as the water and offerings tasted. People assume that it is Lord Krishna who is responsible for this. Offerings are scattered throughout the Mahal for Radha and Krishna to celebrate after their Raas Leela.
 Additionally, the Tulsi trees are said to turn into gopis at night and dance with Krishna in Ras Lila. Trees also light up to greet Lord Krishna at night, so the history goes. There is a well located near Nidhivan and it is said that Krishna built it with the sound of his flute to quench the thirst of his beloved Radha. Some say that people also hear the sounds of the dance at night.
If you are wondering if there are any witnesses, it is said that those who have tried to peer into the area for evidence were severely injured, blinded or mentally unbalanced.  The residents here close their windows and doors after the sound of the Aarti bells in the evening.
Another mystery surrounding this area is the rock garden where the footprints of young Krishna and his calf can still be seen in the stone. That the huge mountain really turned to stone after hearing Krishna’s melodious flute melodies. Such is the play of the Divine. Devotees from all over the world flock to Nidhivan to visit this holy place. It certainly attracts a large number of Krishna followers, pilgrims and tourism is growing massively here. Whether it is a mystery or a miracle is up to you.